Protocol – The backdrop for peace! 

Protocol Specialists make a difference in the world         In-depth knowledge of the cultures of the world        Ability to negotiate strategically

Multicultural communication skills in the workplace         Protocol expertise to plan complex global business/diplomatic events   Diplomatic leadership skills


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Calendar of Events

Upcoming Programs in San Diego, California and Dubai, U.A.E.

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Training Methodology

On-Site Seminars, Team / Individual Coaching, Expertly Designed Manuals / Power-Point Presentations / Follow-Up Programs.

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News Update

Our latest news and trusted resources!

Blog & World Updates
World Leaders who impress as having the highest level of Business Etiquette

The highest form of etiquette in business or otherwise is respect!  When we come from a place of mutual respect, respec…

We are all diplomats!

A refugee problem of biblical proportions, a coup in Turkey, one of our key allies in the fight against ISIS, Great Brit…


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