Protocol – The backdrop for peace! 

Protocol Specialists make a difference in the world         In-depth knowledge of the cultures of the world        Ability to negotiate strategically

Multicultural communication skills in the workplace         Protocol expertise to plan complex global business/diplomatic events   Diplomatic leadership skills


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Calendar of Events

Upcoming Programs in San Diego, California and Dubai, U.A.E.

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Training Methodology

On-Site Seminars, Team / Individual Coaching, Expertly Designed Manuals / Power-Point Presentations / Follow-Up Programs.

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News Update

Our latest news and trusted resources!

Blog & World Updates
Cringe-Worthy Protocol


This is not a political statement! Anytime a speaker is in the spotlight at the podium, it is critical that n…

World Leaders who impress as having the highest level of Business Etiquette

The highest form of etiquette in business or otherwise is respect!  When we come from a place of mutual respect, respec…


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