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“Diplomacy would be a daunting challenge without the rules of protocol”  Read more… Carmel Valley resident leads International Protocol Institute of California


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Train to be an International Protocol Specialist – Khaleej Times <IMG src=”;c2=19888642&amp;c3=2″>// // <![CDATA[
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A five-day Intensive Training Programme covering International Protocol, Diplomacy and Cross-Cultural Relations launches in Dubai.  Read more…Khaleej Times Article

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Dubai to shine on the world stage at Expo 2020.  Read more…GulfNews

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JEDDAH – Adopting international protocols can play a long way in building relationships between two parties, according to international protocol specialist Marie Betts-Johnson who directs the International Protocol Institute of California and carries more than 30 years of expertise in international relations.  Read more…Saudi Gazette


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From chopsticks to temper tantrums, from Hong Kong to Beijing, etiquette is key!. Read more.  Read more…IPIC China Article

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The official publication of the National Speakers Association.
Read more…Internationally Speaking

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Marie Betts-Johnson is Certainly One Woman Who Knows Her P’s and Q’s!

Let me first say that etiquette is not an excuse for snobbishness!  In fact, etiquette is the opposite to snobbishness!  True etiquette is simply having respect for others and doing your best to put everyone at ease, smoothing out the rough spots and showing consideration for ourselves, or clients and colleagues.  This creates a win-win situation for all-concerned and, in the bigger picture, avoids conflicts and misunderstandings. Read moreRSVP Magazine Article



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Printed articles authored by
Marie Betts-Johnson

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