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Better Not Shake Hands!

As the Founder of IPIC, I have given countless presentations on the art of the handshake. It is the only physical greeting acceptable in business, or perhaps I should say, the most powerful greeting that conveys “who you are” in a matter of seconds.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it is no longer wise to shake hands with everyone you meet as we all have to play a role in not transmitting this disease.

The answer is the “Fist Bump,” or even the “Elbow Bump.”  The “Elbow Bump” is probably even a safer method due to the fact that there is no skin-to-skin contact.

To avoid coming across as rude or unprofessional, my advice to companies is to put up signs in the lobby, displaying: “Please do not shake hands due to the Coronavirus outbreak.”

Clients may automatically extend their hand on greeting and you may be concerned that you are coming across as rude when you decline. Apologize sincerely and say that it is against company policy because of the current situation.

Good health!

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