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Coronavirus – Shopping Panic!

Covid-19 is here…T-Paper stampede in progress!  Don’t harangue the store personnel if they run out of much sought-after items…it’s not their fault, it’s everyone’s fault for being in a state of panic!

Shopping is like driving on the freeway…stay in your lane to avoid a “Cart” crash.  Visibility can become impaired if you can’t see over your ten cartons of T-Paper. Beware of “The Browser,” who will hover like a drone and not move on.  A polite “excuse me,” will do the trick and will usually snap them out of their reverie.  

People from other countries may not be aware of the American unspoken rule of walking on the right side (nearest the products on their right) not in the middle of the aisle.  They’ll get it soon enough, no need to glare at them…learned this one from personal experience!

And then there’s the line at the checkout counter where the person in front of you suddenly makes a mad dash back down the aisle for their forgotten hand sanitizer which is sold out anyway…oh so frustrating while you tap your foot, or the person who, on completion of their transaction, stands there to check everything on their receipt before their retreat.  What to do?  Humans are imperfect so avoid shopping if you are already in a frustrated mood.  Remember your mother told you to count to ten! 

If you have a lot of items in your Cart, let the person behind you with two items go ahead of you…it will make their day and goodwill spreads to all of those around you…a single act of kindness goes a long way.  After a while, you will get to know the checkout people in your favorite store.  Ask them how their day is going?  Don’t stand and have a chat, but it shows they are not robots and have a tough job to remain polite and smiling for an eight-hour shift, despite the rudeness they inevitably experience…the customer is always right!  

Finally, the three most important words in the English language – Please and Thank You cost nothing but are invaluable.

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