Dining & Social Etiquette

     Dining & Social Etiquette

From Forks to Chopsticks! 


Whether you are interviewing for a job or attending a business luncheon, nothing is more revealing than lack of dining etiquette.  Unfortunately you will be judged as to your sophistication, intelligence, education and social skills if you do not have these essential skills, which are crucial to relationship and hence business-building success.  No matter how dynamic your goods or services, your social skills will always be under scrutiny when doing business internationally.


Workshop Focus

          Business Etiquette  Two businessmen and woman at restaurant table, smiling

          Guest / Host Duties

          Extending and Accepting Invitations


          Strategic Seating!

          Flatware recognition and usage

          Napkin Etiquette

          Wine Service Etiquette

          Toasting – An Honor to Bestow!

          Dress for all Occasions



        Styles of Dining – American & European

         Eating Difficult Foods

         Business Entertaining – Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner


         Restaurant Manners

         The Buffet

         Asian Dining Etiquette

         Middle Eastern Dining Etiquette







Marie, you were superb!  Your protocol luncheon was really a hit, and the good news did travel fast.  Incidentally, the scenario I relayed to you from one South American guest’s statement that your presentation was the “editorial of the meeting” did, indeed, result in an editorial to be printed soon.  I personally learned a great deal- and you exposed numerous past errors!J. D. P., DDS. President, International College of Prosthodontists.

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