Protocol Course Dubai

International Protocol & Business Etiquette Training – Dubai

 5-Day Program


 I.P.I.C.’s comprehensive international protocol training programs provide the backdrop of excellence where international agreements can be successfully explored and ultimately negotiated.  The participants in our Protocol Specialist Program emerge fully prepared to handle all aspects of complex events resulting in presenting a world-class impression of your company AND your country!


Details Matter! The Role of Protocol Specialist:

  • Understand the fundamentals of modern diplomacy and work to foster the goals / objectives of their company and their country.
  • Impart the vision to lead and work with international teams.
  • Have comprehensive knowledge of cross-cultural fundamentals.
  • Possess the illusive quality of “Presence” that inspires trust, respect and cooperation.
  • Be an eloquent speaker and have the necessary presentation and media skills to represent their government, corporation or organization.
  • Develop, plan and manage complex events, meetings and conferences.
  • Orchestrate all aspects of arrival and departure procedures for heads of state, delegations and visiting dignitaries.

Who should attend?

Executives, government officers / Ministers, Chiefs of Protocol, government /non-government organization representatives, leaders in the hospitality, convention, tourism industry and entrepreneurs.


On  completion of the 5-Day Program, successful participants will be certified as an International Protocol Specialist.                 

Relationships, results, rewards!

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