Hosting International Guests, Clients & Delegations

Hosting International Guests, Clients & Delegations                      

Provide a seamless backdrop to encourage and promote business and diplomatic relations between cities, governments and countries.



“San Diego has seen a tremendous increase in interest and business possibilities from visiting international dignitaries and delegations, who see the possibilities of investing in our City’s economy.  It makes sense that we, as a City, must be aware of all aspects of protocol and cultural understanding to make this a productive experience for all concerned.  Marie Betts-Johnson gave us more than expected and the City really benefited from learning how to navigate the sensitivities of all aspects of protocol and international relations… thank you!” Don Giaquinto, Director of Protocol, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer, City of San Diego, California.

Program Overview

 4-Part Series

MODULE 1                                                   

Professional Presence & Competency – First impressions are lasting.  This module ensures that you and /or your team represents your organization in a positive, professional manner whether inside or outside the office.


Cross-Cultural Fundamentals“Know the land and its people and all else will follow!”  To do business successfully in the international arena, understanding cross-cultural fundamentals will give you the necessary tools to inspire trust and establish strategic, long term business relationships.


Culture Affects Negotiations! – Set the stage for successful outcomes!  Choose your team and brief them on their roles.  Know your negotiating strategies and those of the visiting delegation.  Seating is strategic and ensure your interpreters are the right fit to act as intermediaries should conflict arise.  Using your knowledge of cross-cultural fundamentals, conflict can be avoided or handled constructively in most instances.


Protocol – The Relationship Builder! In the global arena, no business will be conducted without first building  strong relationships and establishing rapport.  To achieve this, you must host your clients, dignitaries and delegations in a manner that shows respect and a sincere desire to get to know who they really are.

Relationships, results, rewards!

Each program in the Masterclass Development Series is customized to your requirements

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