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Grammar gaffes speak volumns!

Devil businesslady with a megaphone screemingat another businessladies

Have you noticed that the latest slang is “Hello…ah!”  Or, “how exciting…ah!”  Other current favorite abominations of the English language are” I’m gonna,” or “How you doin?”  A further culprit is, “You did good girl!”  What is this phenomenon where educated young people (and some not so young) tend to sabotage that critical first impression.  Dare I say that they have either become lazy or are unaware of how important the use of proper grammar, avoidance of jargon and proper enunciation are to those whom may influence their future career.  These seemingly innocuous expressions indicate a lack of education and certainly social skills, so why is this becoming so rampant?  The answer is that communication is, for the most part, of the electronic kind these days and offenders simply have no idea of how they come across, or are not concerned about how others view them.   Not smart, but all is not lost…awareness is the first step!

International Protocol Institute of California, based in San Diego, California since 1989, provides solutions to all your etiquette and protocol challenges.

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