Protocol for the Executive Security Professional

Unobtrusive Excellence Expected!

2-Day Program

Protocol for the Executive Security Professional – The critical expertise to interact strategically with V.I.P.s, dignitaries and delegations


Impeccable professional excellence cannot be over-emphasized in today’s turbulent global environment. For security professionals who will be interacting with high-level dignitaries and delegations, understanding non-verbal messages, avoiding cross-cultural gaffes and powerful leadership skills can make or break a promising career. For executive security entities, representatives who have impeccable interpersonal skills can do wonders for a company’s competitive position and for an individual’s confidence and growth within the security industry.

By attendance at the Seminar, you will learn how to:
  • Unobtrusive excellence…the knowledge to manage the complexities of client / employer professional
  • Personal / professional ethics and understand the expectations of a client when hiring a professional protection agent
  • Impeccable professional image
  • Supreme confidence and sense of presence
  • Cross-cultural fundamentals – interpret the subtle nuances of diverse styles of communication
  • Decode critical protocol requirements for visiting dignitaries and delegations
  • Understand international relations and the impact of highly specialized security from a protocol standpoint


Relationships, results, rewards!

Each program in the Masterclass Development Series is customized to your requirements

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