Protocol Support Advisor

Protocol Support Advisor

NEW protocol Training Program –

Advanced Diplomacy!

2- Day Program 

Set the Stage for Success!

 I.P.I.C. announces the launch of its 2-Day intensive Protocol Support Adviser Program.  No matter what profession, it is critical to stand out from the crowd and set yourself up for career advancement.  Adding this unique form of expertise to your Resume distinguishes you as an innovative professional, who is motivated to be an invaluable asset in developing flawless events  in support of the overall goals of your company/organization.   Successful international interactions depend on delivering a top-notch image that will transform the company’s business connections into strong, long-term business relationships worldwide.

Expert training on hosting visiting dignitaries, business clients and special delegations. 

Program Overview

MODULE 1                                                   

Professional Presence & CompetencyFirst impressions are lasting.  This module ensures that you and /or your team represents your organization in a positive, professional manner.


Cross-Cultural Fundamentals“Know the land and its people and all else will follow!”  To do business successfully in the international arena or host international clients and dignitaries, understanding cross-cultural fundamentals will give you the necessary tools to inspire trust and establish strategic, long term business relationships.


Culture Affects Negotiations!Set the stage for successful outcomes!  Choose your team and learn the fundamentals of working with advance teams. Seating is strategic and you must ensure interpreters are the right fit to act as intermediaries should misunderstandings or conflict arise.


Protocol Event Management: Pre-Arrival Preparations, Arrivals, Departures,Precedence, Security considerations, Meetings in the Office, Event Site Logistics, Hotels (amenities, activities, menus, seating), Flags and more.


Learn how to create an International Relations Office System for your company / organization.

Who should attend?

Support personnel, government officers in Ministries, intergovernmental / non-government agencies, diplomats, media / public relations experts, event /convention / hospitality / airport / port managers, private relationship managers, executives and entrepreneurs.

Certificate of Attendance:

Participants receive a Certificate of Attendance on successful completion of the Program.

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