International Business Etiquette Quiz


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When you attend a cocktail/business reception, do you…

a. arrive early and eat as much food as possible
b. arrive on time or a few minutes late and introduce yourself to the host
c. arrive as close to the end as possible because it will get you noticed

When you are in a group having a conversation, do you…

a. stand close to the next person to prevent anyone from joining you
b. turn around, smile and say “Please join us.”
c. do not address any comments to the newcomer hoping they will leave

When handing out business cards at social/business event, do you…

a. meet as many people as possible and give each one a card
b. give it only to the person you have been speaking with for some time
c. forget to bring them with you

Your client sends you a gift of a personal nature, do you…

a. you keep it because you don’t want to offend your client
b. return it with a note saying that it is against company policy to accept gifts
c. document it and give it to a friend

On dress-down Fridays, do you…

a. wear whatever you want to wear
b. wear casual clothes that are simple and classic
c. wear the outfits that you normally wear everyday

When sending Thank-You Cards, do you…

a. always do so via E-mail as the recipient is more likely to read it
b. always mail a hand written Thank-You Card
c. use any stationery because it’s the thought that counts

When answering the telephone, you say:

a. “Hello” and wait for the caller to introduce themselves
b. “Good Morning, this is Marissa”
c. “Hold please” and click off quickly without waiting for their answer

Shaking hands

a. is old-fashioned and no longer necessary
b. is the only form of physical contact in a business situation
c. with women is inappropriate

When making introductions in business, do you…

a. mention the highest ranking person’s name first
b. the female’s name is always mentioned first
c. it doesn’t really matter which name is mentioned first

When dining in a restaurant with friends or business acquaintances

a. there is no need to wait for everyone to be served before you begin eating
b. it is acceptable to remove your jacket because there is no air conditioning
c. wait for everyone to be served before you begin and leave your jacket on

When proposing a toast at a business function, do you…

a. tell your most off-color jokes
b. keep it simple, short and sit down
c. drink lots of alcohol to give you courage

When you’re at a dinner party and you drop a utensil, do you…

a. pick it up quickly and wipe it on your jacket
b. kick it under the table
c. ask the waiter to bring you another utensil

You do not drink, but you are served champagne with your dessert, do you…

a. tell the waiter that you do not care for any champagne
b. say nothing and allow the champagne to be poured into the glass
c. turn over your glass

You are invited to a party that states that the dress code is “informal,” do you…

a. wear your most comfortable jeans and Hawaiian shirt
b. dress in a coat and tie to impress your hosts
c. wear a classic fit pair of pants and open necked shirt

When doing business in Japan, do you…

a. make it clear that you are on a tight schedule to move things along
b. do not tell them exactly when your departure date is
c. let them know that you intend to do some sightseeing after the meeting

When doing business in Mexico, do you…

a. decline their invitation to join them for lunch
b. tell them that you have another meeting at lunchtime
c. join them for long, leisurely lunches and get to know them

When doing business in the Middle East, do you…

a. keep your emotions in check
b. do not let them see that you are upset or worried
c. show your emotions and be passionate about what this means to you

Your hosting your client in the US, do you…

a. take them to an ethnic restaurant where they will get a taste of home
b. take them to a French Restaurant
c. take them to a Seafood Restaurant

When presenting a gift to an Asian client, do you…

a. eagerly ask them to open it
b. present it and tell them that it is a rare gift just for them
c. present it in a box that is unwrapped

When using chopsticks in Asia, do you…

a. place them upright in your bowl of rice
b. place them neatly in your bowl
c. place them on the chopstick holder