Training Methodology

Training Methodology


LATESTMETHEDOLOGYTrain to be an International Protocol Specialist

Together with your fellow participants you bring a wide variety of experience and resources to the program. Our combined wealth of experience has allowed us to create an intensive five-day Certification Program where participants are challenged, through exploration of traditional and modern methodologies, to gain insights into the intricacies of delivering the highest level of protocol expertise. The International Protocol Institute will request  profiles of each participant to assess their level of interest, current protocol knowledge and their goals for attending the course, prior to the course commencement. The Program includes expertly designed Manuals which encompass participant assessments, twelve core modules, interactive exercises, case studies and Power Point Presentations.


Organizational Impact

If your organization’s goal is to be world class in conducting international business and establishing strong relationships, then it needs to have employees who deliver world-class communications and protocol expertise to all its overseas clients. This course will assure the benefits of providing these experiences to prospective clients and delegations.


Multi-ethnic businesspeople having video conferencePersonal Impact

Attendance at this seminar will give you the skills to develop a sense of professional presence, master cross-cultural fundamentals and gain in-depth, contemporary knowledge of all aspects of protocol and diplomacy.  The comprehensive information will further  hone your leadership skills to inspire trust and cooperation. Equipped with this knowledge, you will become a competent ambassador representing both your company and your country.



Competencies EmphasizedIMG_7320

  • The ability to expeditiously decode what your visiting client or dignitary needs through a deep understanding of the culture and protocol norms of your international visitors and partners.
  • Expert knowledge of the levels of protocol expected to ensure hospitality to visiting dignitaries and delegations.
  • An overall understanding of international relations and how you can impact the outcome of establishing strong business relationships resulting in successful negotiations.


 Who should attend?

This course is designed for executives, diplomats, government officials, entrepreneurs, marketing / sales professionals (international focus) and those whom you are grooming to represent your company / organization at the international level.


What Format works for you?

On-Site training

One-on-One Coaching

Team Briefings

Train to be an International Protocol Specialist 



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