Corporate Concierge Program

Allow us to create a “Corporate Concierge” program just for you!

When confidentiality and time constraints are paramount, we design a customized protocol program exclusively for your company.  Or, in the event there is an employee, who has outstanding technical/scientific/administrative abilities, but lacks the critical “soft-skills” to succeed or represent your company brand, we work with you to develop a targeted, results-based program (including ongoing support) to guarantee successful outcomes…and retain valuable talented, employees!

Programs developed for executives, diplomats, entrepreneurs, business professionals:

    • 5- Day Train to be an International Protocol Specialist (Be the in-house Protocol Specialist with the competency to train team members on how to build relationships, understand and decipher the cultural fundamentals that result in successful and strategic negotiations worldwide)
    • International Protocol / Hosting International Clients, Delegations & Diplomats
    • Cross-Cultural Fundamentals
    • Executive Presence & Competency
    • Customer / Client Representative Excellence
    • International Diplomacy – Establishing Strategic Alliances and Connections
  • Social Etiquette / Networking Skills

Further information on specific programs, please view “Our Programs:”

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