Protocol & Civility – Essential to human relations in the workplace, universities, schools and on the international stage!

Promote international relations through protocol and diplomacy.

Cultural awareness to increase productivity, encourage employee retention and customer excellence.

Expertise to manage complex diplomatic events and lead cohesive global teams.

Knowledge to foster civility and prepare young adults to be the leaders of the future.

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Corporate Concierge Program

When client confidentiality and time-constraints are paramount!

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Training Methodology

On-Site Seminars, Team / Individual Coaching, Expertly Designed Manuals / Power-Point Presentations / Follow-Up Programs.

Blog & World Updates
Small Talk is Anything but “Small”

Who has time to make small talk?  Why bother?  Small talk is “Conversation 101,” and is a lost art for business profes…

Train to be an International Protocol Specialist in San Diego

Join us in San Diego for our upcoming, exclusive program:
Train to be an International Protocol Specialist:
5- Day Cer…


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