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Our Protocol Training Programs – San Diego and Dubai

On-Site customized training programs, individual coaching, team briefings, train-the-trainer programs, keynote presentations.

I.P.I.C. has successfully delivered hundreds of programs to include: Business / Social Etiquette / Executive Presence Excellence / International Protocol Procedure / Masterclass in International Relations/ Cross-Cultural Protocols / Train the Trainer (Business Etiquette & International Protocol Specialist), to multinational corporations, government, diplomatic, academia, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals.  

Five-Day Train the Trainer Certificate Programs

Two-Day Programs

Six-Week Program

Programs for Young Professionals

Keynote Presentations


Our programs are researched, developed and customized to cover the most up-to-date, modern developments in protocol, diplomacy and corporate etiquette.  Participants are challenged, through exploration of traditional and modern methodologies, to gain insights into the intricacies of delivering the optimal level of protocol expertise to their clients or as in-house protocol advisers.  

To ensure optimum learning outcomes, our Seminars and Training Programs are a combination of multimedia presentations, attendee participation and role-playing exercises. Case studies are used as appropriate. The International Protocol Institute’s programs include a wide range of topics and may be designed as one-time events or ongoing corporate training. The programs can further be designed and developed to coordinate and enhance the learning outcomes of materials covered in individual and team-coaching sessions.

Who should attend?

Corporate executives, government officials, diplomats, protocol professionals, military, non-governmental organizations, marketing/advertising/public relations experts, entrepreneurs

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