Protocol / Business Etiquette Programs 

Allow us to collaborate in choosing the protocol / business etiquette program that best meets your needs and those of your company, country or organization.

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 Five-Day Train the Trainer Certificate Program

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Join us in San Diego or Dubai!  IPIC has successfully trained leaders of industry, government representatives, diplomats and Chiefs of Protocol from all over the world.

One/Two-Day Programs

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Stand out from the crowd by adding this exclusive expertise to your Resume! Be the in-house expert when issues of protocol and culture arise. Learn how to establish or work within an International Relations Office.

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With over two decades of experience in developing customized executive presence programs for professionals in all industries, IPIC will help you identify and maximize your potential along with enhancing your company’s image.

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Do NOT do unto others as you would they do unto you, they may not like it.” Mark Twain.

Understand the critical cross-cultural tenets that exist in every culture and learn how they compare with those of your own culture.  This is the path to enlightenment that will make the difference between doing business successfully or being politely sent home!

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It’s a new world out there.  Our comprehensive programs have been updated to include all aspects of business with Covid-19 considerations in mind.   We have designed hundreds of programs for top U.S. and multinational corporations, organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals.

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Women are forging their own paths and moving forward facing the challenges of creating a balance between juggling family and career.  In this course you will learn to harness your unique power to multitask, lead intuitively and build strategic, collaborative relationships.

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From Forks to Chopsticks!

Whether you are interviewing for a job, attending a business luncheon, or dining overseas, your manners are always under scrutiny despite how accomplished you are in other areas.   Unfortunately, you will be judged as to your level of sophistication, intelligence and education if you do not have these essential skills  They are essential to building business relationships when interacting with your international clients and partners.

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Created specifically for young professionals, this program is designed to impart confidence, leadership, communication skills and social polish.

Six-Week Program

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Based in San Diego, California, join us for our intensive 6-Week Program specifically designed for new professionals, graduate students, entrepreneurs, and those individuals/groups interested in becoming adept at handling all aspects of  international business.