Business Etiquette for Women Leaders

Business Etiquette for Women Leaders

2 – Day Training Program

Believe in your capabilities, intelligence and achievements!

Women are forging their own paths and moving forward facing the challenges of creating a balance between juggling family and career.  In this course you will learn to harness your unique power to multitask, lead intuitively and build strategic, collaborative relationships.


In this workshop, we focus on breaking down barriers to success by identifying negative, weak messages that impede your innate abilities. The ultimate goal is to deliver messages that inspire mutual respect and cooperation. Working collaboratively in a diverse workplace can do wonders for an organization’s competitive position and for the individual’s prospects for advancement in their industry.


  • Business Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • New Hires
  • Marketing  / Advertising / Science / Technology / Sales
  • City / Government Organizations
  • Non-Profit Associations


  • The essentials of executive presence and competency.
  • Top-notch presentation skills and powerful media image.
  • The credentials to be considered for fast-track promotion in your industry.
  • Ability to create a powerful image / Brand.
  • Develop communication and emotional intelligence skills
  • Utilize a vocabulary that imparts a power and confidence.
  • Lead or follow with equal grace and ease.
  • Build relationships of trust and respect.