Individual Coaching – We dig deep.

Custom Programs

Individual Coaching – We dig deep.

Allow us to create a customized program just for you!

When confidentiality and time constraints are paramount, we design a customized protocol program exclusively for your company.  Or, in the event there is an employee who has outstanding technical/scientific/administrative abilities, but lacks the critical “soft-skills” to succeed or represent your company brand, we work with you to develop a targeted, results-based program (including ongoing support) to guarantee successful outcomes…and retain valuable talented, employees!



Credibility when applying for positions with international corporations / organizations

The essentials of executive presence and competency.

In-depth knowledge of international relations, protocol and diplomatic leadership.

Top-notch presentation skills and powerful media image.

Cross-cultural fundamentals to influence business decisions and strategic negotiations.

The tools to become the in-house protocol and cross-cultural expert within your company.

The credentials to be considered for fast-track promotion in your industry.

Perfect For:

  • Business Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Diplomats
  • New Hires
  • Marketing  / Advertising / Science / Technology / Sales
  • City / Government Organizations
  • Non-Profit Associations