Protocol Support Advisor

Protocol Support Advisor 

2-Day Training Program

Stand out from the crowd by adding this exclusive protocol expertise to your Resume! Be the in-house expert when issues of protocol and culture arise. Learn how to establish or work within an International Relations Office.

Protocol management is critical for support personnel given the task of providing a world-class experience for discerning clients and guests.


Credibility when applying for positions with international corporations / organizations.  Adding this unique form of expertise to your Resume distinguishes you as an innovative, motivated professional.

You will emerge with in-depth knowledge to orchestrate complex events for visiting clients ensuring your company’s image remains intact and set the stage for building long-term relationships of trust and respect.

Along with being the expert in your chosen profession, this course gives you the ability to expeditiously create specific-country profiles to assist colleagues before they interact with prospective clients overseas.


Global Executive Presence: Credibility is given to those who look the part and act the part.

Cross-Cultural Fundamentals: Understand the differences and similarities and everything in-between.

International Negotiations: Culture has a direct effect on the outcome of business decisions and negotiations.

Protocol Event Management:  It’s all in the details!  One mistake may cause an international incident!


  • You will have earned:
    • the credentials to represent your company internationally. 
    • the expertise to become the in-house protocol expert to handle international and everyday protocol challenges.
      the ability to customize comprehensive regional and country-specific briefings and training programs 
    • the knowledge to provide valuable training to members of your company who will be relocating overseas.
    • the credibility to be well-positioned for promotion within your industry.
    • a Certification of Completion on successful completion of the course.