Cross-Cultural Protocol

Japanese Businessmen Having a Business Agreement Cross-Cultural Understanding


Understand the critical cross-cultural tenets of culture in the workplace or when doing business internationally. In our high-technology world and global economic interdependence, everyone, from business professionals to entrepreneurs, is required to expand their cross-cultural and protocol intelligence,  with a view to building relationships and recognizing the thinking patterns that directly influence business decisions.



What You Will Gain:
  • Confidence when doing business internationally
  • Ability to negotiate strategically
  • Knowledge to create a cohesive team
  • Cultural understanding to build rapport and long-term business relationships
2- Part Program


Attitude, knowledge, patience and flexibility /Team briefing /Understand the Role of Religion and Philosophy /The Rules of the “Time” game /Decipher where the power lies /Complex Communication Styles? Understand thinking patterns that influence decisions / The role of women in international business /Interpreters / Meetings / Agendas / Negotiation techniques / Conflict Resolution.



Think Relationships /Establish your  brand /First Impressions are lasting / The Initial Meeting /Forms of Address /Introductions / Greetings /Rank and Titles /Non- Verbal / Verbal Communication /Gestures  /Business Card Presentation /Gift-Giving Rituals /Appropriate Dress /After-Hours entertainment /Departures and Follow-Up.

  • On-Site Seminars
  • Individual Coaching
  • Team Coaching / Briefings

Each program in the Masterclass Development series is customized to your requirements

Relationships, results, rewards!

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