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Protocol Matters!

Delayed business decisions, breakdowns in negotiations, offended business partners, missed opportunities, misunderstandings in communications, at a loss for what went wrong, wasted time and effort and financial consequences.

These are but a few of the outcomes experienced from breakdowns in the business of protocol. 

In an ideal world, it would be optimal to have a “Protocol Specialist” in every corporation or organization, that may not be realistic.  The International Protocol Institute has developed a specific program to fill that need, by devising a comprehensive program “Protocol Support Adviser,” whereby designated personnel are trained to deal with every interaction involving international clients and delegations, along with the expertise to brief international teams and partners.

In a competitive corporate environment, this expertise ensures you stand out from the crowd as a distinguished and innovative professional, who is motivated to be an invaluable asset in developing flawless global interactions  in support of the overall goals of your company/organization.

To become a Protocol Support Adviser, it is imperative that you understand every aspect of what is required to deliver a top-notch image that will transform the company’s business connections into strong, long-term business relationships worldwide.


Professional Presence & Competency – First impressions are lasting.  This module ensures that you and /or your team represents your organization consistently in a positive, professional manner.


Cross-Cultural Fundamentals – “Know the land and its people and all else will follow!”  To do business successfully in the international arena or host international clients and dignitaries, understanding cross-cultural fundamentals gives you the necessary tools to inspire trust and establish strategic, long term business relationships.


Culture Affects Negotiations! – Set the stage for successful outcomes!  Choose your team and learn the fundamentals of working with advance teams. Issues of precedence is paramount to respect.  Interpreters must be chosen with care to ensure they right fit to act as intermediaries should misunderstandings or conflict arise.


Protocol Event Management: Pre-Arrival Preparations, Arrivals, Departures,Precedence, Security considerations, Meetings in the Office, Event Site Logistics, Hotels (amenities, activities, menus, seating) Flag Placement and more.


Learn how to create an International Relations Office System for your company / organization.

Who should attend?

Support personnel, government officers in Ministries, intergovernmental / non-government agencies, diplomats, media / public relations experts, event /convention / hospitality / airport / port managers, private relationship managers, executives and entrepreneurs.

2- Day Program Launch:

The Address Hotel, Dubai U.A.E. – December 15-16, 2018





Telephone: +1 (619) 675-0001   – E-Mail:  



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