International Protocol Training

Train to be an International Protocol Specialist

5-Day Intensive Certification Program

San Diego, CA – February 8 -12, 2021

Why Protocol? Past Reviews:

The impact of strong international relations:

The impact of strong international relations is immeasurable and is dependent upon protocol, diplomacy and cross-cultural fundamentals.  The International Protocol Institute of California is dedicated to further that endeavor through its comprehensive international training programs.  

Increasing demand for highly trained Protocol Specialists:

In today’s burgeoning international marketplace, there is an increasing demand for highly trained Protocol Specialists to deliver, timely, customized seminars, briefings and training programs.   

What it means to you:

The rewards of presenting these comprehensive programs to visionary clients and corporations have proven to be extremely beneficial to the recipients, along with being personally fulfilling for the Protocol Specialist.

Who should attend?

For business professionals, diplomats, chiefs of protocol, government officials and entrepreneurs, who will be interacting with high-level international clients, dignitaries and delegations, “manners” are cultural and there are numerous opportunities for misunderstandings to arise.

Avoid cultural and protocol miscommunications:

 Even with the best intentions, people may inadvertently offend.  Polished professionalism can do wonders for a company’s /organization’s / country’s image and for the individual’s confidence and growth within their industry.

Five-Day Intensive Certification Program

Participants emerge with the knowledge and skills to:

  • become a respected private consultant to corporations,government, diplomatic, academia, entrepreneurs and individuals.IMG_7078

  • present up-to-the minute international protocol seminars and training programs.

  • be the in-house protocol (add this expertise to your Resume) expert to handle everyday protocol challenges.

  • customize comprehensive regional and country-specific briefings and training programs.

  • manage complex cross-cultural, protocol and diplomatic events for visiting delegations/clients.

  • provide consultation services for individuals who are relocating abroad.

  • travel abroad to orchestrate international business meetings.

  • deliver keynote addresses for business development and financial reward.

Course Description

The program’s ten core modules provide a comprehensive education in the essentials of Protocol Management.

Course Topics include:

Modern Diplomacy/Professional Presence & Competency/Leadership and the Protocol Manager/Effects of Culture on Protocol & Negotiations/Diplomatic Procedure/Event Logistics/Arrivals/Departures/Ceremonies/ Order of Introductions/International Greetings/Introducing dignitaries at Representational Functions/Forms of Address/Titles/Team Briefing/Formal Invitations/ Hotels/Choosing the Site/Risk Management/Security Essentials/ Your Media Image/Polished Presentation Skills Event Management/Entertainment/Menus/Place Cards/Seating/Receiving Lines/Order of Precedence/Formal Dining & Social Situations Etiquette/Flag Etiquette/Marketing & Social Media strategies to promote your business.

You will receive
On successful completion of the program, you will receive: Certification as a “Corporate and International Protocol Specialist” and will be licensed to use the International Protocol Institute of California’s exclusive materials.

Materials Include:  Professionally designed and researched Presenter Manuals (10 Modules),  Real-World Case Studies, Expert Instruction, “Ready to Train” Power Point Slides, Relevant Articles and On-Going Support.

Note:  All materials are owned and copyrighted by The International Protocol Institute of California

Who Should Attend?

Companies initiating business in the global marketplace / Diplomats / Foreign Service / Embassy Personnel / Marketing professionals (International market focus) / Representatives from your company whom you are grooming to interact with your overseas clients /Executives conducting business internationally /Entrepreneurs/Consultants /Personnel who host international clients and dignitaries /New hires / Sales professionals (International market focus) / Companies, NGOs,  organizations and non-profit entities


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