Manners Matter!

Manners Matter!

1-Day Program

Created for young professionals, this business etiquette program is designed to impart confidence, leadership, communication skills and social polish.


  • More confidence
  • Less susceptibility to peer pressure
  • Possess higher self-esteem
  • Have stellar communication skills
  • Get better grades
  • Impress interviewers
  • Excel when they have the opportunity to study overseas


  • First impressions – What is your brand?
  • Presence makes a difference
  • Civility makes you look good – Please, Thank-You and You’re Welcome!
  • Respect – Confidence and self-esteem
  • Multiculturalism – Understand cultural differences and how to interact respectfully and compassionately
  • Leadership – Actions prove louder than words!
  • Appropriate dress and grooming – Look the part to get the part!
  • Interpersonal skills – Introductions, handshaking, eye contact, conversational skills
  • Body language that shows confidence
  • Verbal communication – “Like” is contraband!
  • Communication skills: Tact, discretion, rudeness and bullying
  • Emotional intelligence / Conflict Resolution – How to navigate a technologically – charged world
  • Cyber civility – Texting, e-mail taboos and written correspondence
  • Dining skills – Dating is different!
  • Interviewing strategies that set you apart!