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Business Card Presentation

Business Card Presentation

Have you noticed in Networking situations, that “Gorilla Networkers” come up to you and almost, immediately hand you their Business Card and in short order, proceed onwards to the next unsuspecting target. Is this effective networking strategy?

Business Cards are part of your Protocol Package and should be given out only after some rapport has been established.  It’s a matter of timing.  After ten/fifteen minutes (please don’t check your watch) it is appropriate to ask for their card which in turn, generally, leads to them requesting your card.  Cultural differences  must be considered. For instance, in Asia, they will give you their Business Card immediately on first meeting you. Networking has a different connotation in that they will want to know your rank and position before engaging in conversation, and for that reason, will study your card intently when first received…you should do likewise and not give their card a passing glance and proceed to dispose of it in your pocket or scribble a note on the back of it in their presence!

Business cards remain an important part of your company image and should reflect that, particularly when doing business internationally.

Based in San Diego since 1989, the International Protocol Institute has designed hundreds of programs for top U.S. corporations, organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals.  Let us customize the program that meets your specific requirements to support  and advance your business development goals.

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