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What to do in a Dining Situation?

What do you do when the Server comes to your table and whisks your plate away (as there is nothing left on it) while your guest is still enjoying his/her dinner?

First of all, try to slow down and and match your guest’s speed in devouring the delicious morsels of food in front of you.  Like any form of communication, “mirroring” is key and forms the basis for establishing a relationship.  Have you ever noticed that when someone you are talking to crosses his/her legs and you, without being aware of it, follow suit?  That is called “mirroring” in communicationspeak!  We all do it and it is important to be aware of it as it is a powerful tool in putting others at ease.

Back to the issue on hand.  If, for whatever reason, you were famished and “inhaled” your dinner without giving a whit as to how fast your guest is eating, then at least, when the waiter/server comes to remove your plate, tell him/her that you would prefer they wait until your guest is done (they should know better but that isn’t always the case).  NEVER allow the server to intimidate you into relinquishing your plate as that will make the guest feel very self conscious at not finishing as fast as you and will, automatically,  cause him/her to finish their dinner prematurely.

This is particularly important in Asia where “patience” in all things is valued, especially when enjoying one’s food!

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