Cross-Cultural Expert Witness

Cross-Cultural Expert Witness

A breakdown in communications can often be attributed to cultural misunderstandings.  Unfortunately, this may progress to serious legal consequence for one or both parties.

we are here to assist in the resolution of a cultural disputes and are available for arbitrations, tribunals and litigation.

With over 30 years in the protocol and cross-cultural training industry, we are adept at sorting through the facts of the case and presenting an impartial opinion based on the information provided.


  • Provide an expert impartial and independent opinion.
  • Write a Report on our findings.
  • Abide by Court Rules and include all required information to the Court.
  • Assist the Court in clarification of the Report contents.
  • Answer any questions posed by either party provided the questions are for clarification purposes.
  • Be available to give evidence on request, when involved in Court proceedings.
Cross-Cultural Fundamentals Program