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The Perfect Gift!

It’s almost that time of year again!  Are you gift-choice challenged? Ask yourself…what was the most memorable gift you ever received?  Was it the most expensive?  Not always, so before choosing, ask yourself: Will it be something they can use in their home or business?  Is it something they can look at with pleasure and happy memories?  Is it useful and will it help them in their lives?  Is it timely and will it fulfill an immediate need for a particular item/service?  Is it something to remember you by?  All of these questions need to be answered before choosing the perfect gift.

There’s a common misperception that the gift must be expensive to be perfect.  Sometimes, that’s perfectly fine .  However, a common result is that you run the risk of embarrassing the “giftee” if, when it comes to returning the favor, they cannot rise to that level of investment.  Therefore, the best gift is the well thought out gift.  Consider their hobbies or passions and go from there.  Careful consideration must further be given to cultural differences and corporate gift-giving monetary restraints.

In general, in my experience, the best gift is given when one is least expecting it.  It might be an offer to take care of your energetic German Shepard (George) or your pesky poodle (Barky) while you go out of town for a break.  Thoughtful people observe and listen and will usually give the perfect gift because it’s the thought that counts!

Share your gift successes and disasters with us, we’ll write about them here!

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