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Corporate/Business Etiquette, San Diego

Business Etiquette and International Protocol, based in San Diego, California

Mastery of  business etiquette is essential in this service-based economy, when interacting with clients (especially international clients), prospects, or coworkers.  The benefits gained from business etiquette training are practically limitless, whether it’s winning business, ameliorating the high costs of employee turnover or, increased workplace morale and productivity. In short – etiquette is a business strategy.

Research shows that first impressions are based on the 3 following principles:

  • 55%  Appearance,
  • 38% Body language
  • 7 % Tone of Voice


Dress for the job you want and subsequently, the position you are striving for.

Body Language:

Non-verbal messages speak volumns on who you are…be aware of your facial expressions, eye contact and posture.

Tone of Voice:

Wonder why colleagues don’t seem to listen to what you have to say?  Tone of voice is the key.  People listen to people who speak in a lower tone of voice.


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Based in San Diego since 1989 and with offices in Dubai U.A.E.,  The International Protocol Institute has designed hundreds of programs for top U.S. corporations, organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals.  Let us customize the program that meets your specific requirements to support  and advance your business development goals.

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