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Small Talk is big business!
September 5, 2017 Uncategorized Marie Betts-Johnson

  SMALL TALK IS A WASTE OF TIME? Who has time to make small talk? Why bother you ask?  Small talk is “Conversation 101,” and is a lost art for business professionals, who were weaned on immersion in the alternate reality of technology and acute individualism. “85% OF JOB SUCCESS COMES FROM HAVING WELL-DEVELOPED SOFT

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Isolation in a Connected World
May 17, 2017 Uncategorized Marie Betts-Johnson

CAUSE FOR CONCERN Isolation in a Connected World!  What are the effects of technology and how will it impact younger generations?  Extreme competition, lack of human interaction and an endless barrage of electronic communication…hence distraction and isolation, (hundreds of friends on Facebook is not a sign of popularity), leads to a world where there is

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We are all diplomats!
July 24, 2016 Uncategorized Marie Betts-Johnson

IS DIPLOMACY STILL EFFECTIVE? Young people all over the world feeling disillusioned, disenfranchised and frustrated with the status quo.  They ask if diplomacy is still the most effective way to solve the multitude of today’s global issues. WE ALL HAVE A ROLE IN DIPLOMACY Diplomacy is the place to start.  When we think of diplomacy,

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Del Mar Times
July 13, 2016 Uncategorized Marie Betts-Johnson

Carmel Valley resident leads International Protocol Institute of California By Lois Alter Mark9:09 a.m.July 11, 2016 “In many ways, ‘protocol’ is just another word for ‘hospitality,’” said Marie Betts-Johnson, founder and director of the International Protocol Institute of California. “Diplomacy would be a much more daunting challenge without the existence of the rules of protocol.”

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Promoting the Economy of the City of San Diego, CA
January 12, 2016 Uncategorized Marie Betts-Johnson

City of San Diego, CA – Protocol in International Affairs International Protocol Institute of California Provides Training Program on Professional Presence, Protocol & International Affairs for the City of San Diego, CA  Over eighty officials and representatives from various departments of  the City of San Diego attended an international protocol training course led by Marie Betts-Johnson,

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University of San Diego California – “Manners Matter!”
May 16, 2014 Uncategorized Marie Betts-Johnson

THESE STUDENTS WERE SERIOUS ABOUT THEIR FUTURE CAREERS. The students arrived dressed in their “Sunday best.”  Anticipation and let’s face it, abject fear of the Etiquette Guru, was written all over their faces.  This was a courageous lot as the table next to the podium filled up quickly.    I assured them that I don’t

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First impressions
May 1, 2014 Uncategorized Marie Betts-Johnson

First Impressions are Lasting! IT ONLY TAKES 7 SECONDS! Seems like this information has been around for so long, but it is as crucial now as ever.  Theories have ranged from seven seconds to four seconds to create a good first impression…not very long is it?  However, we all make an impression one way or

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The well written Thank-You note in business
April 8, 2014 Uncategorized Marie Betts-Johnson

THE WELL-CRAFTED THANK-YOU-NOTE It may seem old fashioned but the well-written Thank-You note will never go out of style. MOST IMPRESSIVE In one instance, where I interviewed an extremely polished college graduate, I was utterly impressed when, on completion of his interview, he went to his car and retrieved a beautifully written Thank-You-Card and left

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Everyone needs an introduction!
April 4, 2014 Uncategorized Marie Betts-Johnson

“Our Speaker needs NO introduction!” When introducing a Speaker, it is rarely a good idea (with the exception of introducing world-renowned leaders whom everyone knows) to miss the opportunity to showcase the Speaker’s credentials by saying:  “Our Speaker needs no introduction!”  This introduction does not make either the Speaker or you, the Introducer, look competent. 

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